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Every successful business excutive needs a executive / leadership coach. Not everyone agrees with that statement. The ones who do – the ones who are actively…
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  • MyDeadHorse

    10 mayo, 2013

    This is excellent Chris. Way to go!

  • Ronnie Kaufman

    10 mayo, 2013

    Nice job Chris. You did an excellent job in explaining to business leaders who are seriously considering hiring an Executive Coach. Thanks.

  • lorrieringel

    10 mayo, 2013

    Your video was awesome.. Looking forward for your next videos 🙂

  • Tony Baumer

    10 mayo, 2013

    Excellent video Coach

  • xsieka15x

    10 mayo, 2013

    Excellent video, Coach! Beahvior absolutely is difficult to change, and it is clear you are qualified to help people change. One of your best qualities as a person is that you «tell it like it is the way it is» and that is one of the best qualities a person could look for in an executive coach. Too often do we get boggled down by clutter and we do not seize the times we could be learning from times of crisis.

    I’ll be looking for more of your videos!

  • ytjimfarr

    10 mayo, 2013

    I agree a business coach needs to understand leadership and work on the 7 inches between your ears.


  • Jim Farrell

    10 mayo, 2013

    Great Job Coach, I agree that changing ones behavior is the one of the hardest things to do, but very necessary to adapt to the changes in business situations, and critical for your sucess.

    Keep up the great work.

  • robjim1980

    10 mayo, 2013

    Great explanation of business coaching. I like the point of challenge = opportunities, too often buiness people fold when face with a challenge or problem, when in fact huge opportunites are present.