Vídeo de formador de Formadores. Curso de Formación ocupacional realizado por B-On Vídeo a Ingecon.
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A 3 billion particle simulation to understand the formation of galaxies like our own Milky Way. Read the publication here:


  • Leviathan Jeanis

    8 noviembre, 2012

    Wow! This is just plain ridiculous… Imagine 3 billion marbles, and it is just mindboggling how powerful this computer is. Of course, it’s not surprising, considering the specs, but you don’t really comprehend the sheer number of particles that this is managing.

  • Casai

    8 noviembre, 2012

    The compression artifacts =(

  • itpuzh

    8 noviembre, 2012

    Thanks! I did want something better, though, but that was the best I had over the weekend.

  • Xavier Antonio Cassanello Quezada

    8 noviembre, 2012

    So… 3072 cores (Intel Sandy Bridge E5) and 12 TB of RAM and all you can do is 720p? common guys!
    PS: Was a joke, just in case.

  • billmoney1

    8 noviembre, 2012