Dr. Rhadi Ferguson – Extreme Squats 10

www.RhadiFerguson.com – 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson illustrates definitively and clearly how to perform squats appropriately and how you can teach, use and train the squatting movement effectively. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson also shows various squating and level changing movements that are excellent for persons of all ages and all backgrounds. Dr. Ferguson ensures your safety by following the proper progressions of the squatting movement and also by being incredibly honest about his personal experiences with the squat and his sporting background. For more information on exercises, athlete preparation, health, wellness, martial arts or seminars please visit http for the best information and push-and-play products available.


  • Will Mackay

    10 marzo, 2013

    Thanks Radhi- You’re the man! A very big man…. Informative stuff, appreciated.

  • Patrick Harder

    11 marzo, 2013

    wow this man is amazing, impressivee

  • radhames famila

    11 marzo, 2013

    i definitely appreciate everything you do Rhadi!