Effortless Evolution – Achieved vs Innate Wellbeing

This video is the second in a series I’ve recorded to accompany the release of my new book «Effortless Evolution: A New Paradigm for Personal Change» to help you go deeper and show how you can tap into this new paradigm shift in human psychology and live an infinitely more joyful, happier and fulfilling life right now – Jamie Smart You can get access to preview chapters of Jamie’s new book by visiting salad.infusionsoft.com You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Carolyn Lovell

    9 febrero, 2013

    ive got kids and im not able to make my own money im totally stuck in stress how to provide and educate at the same time and ive got no confidence in supporting the family …how do i get unstuck and live in the moment with kids depending on me?

  • hypnosync1

    9 febrero, 2013

    Interesting perception. Find your natural highs and lows, your natural cycle. I’ll be very interested in seeing how that is achieved effortlessly. Can hardly wait.

  • amjPeace

    9 febrero, 2013

    How is achieving a connection with innate well-being and high quality of mind different from achieving a state of gratitude or love or wisdom? It seems to me that all the circles are interconnected, but not any one can take a center spot. They all lead to each other, don’t they?

  • 1madaboutguitar

    9 febrero, 2013

    Jamies perspective is often fantastic.