Effortless Evolution – The Lumiere Effect – Jamie Smart

What can the first screening of the first film ever made teach you about living in fear vs true happiness? This video is the sixth in a series I’ve recorded to accompany the release of my new book «Effortless Evolution: A New Paradigm for Personal Change» to help you go deeper and show how you can tap into this new paradigm shift in human psychology and live an infinitely more joyful, happier and fulfilling life right now – Jamie Smart You can get access to preview chapters of Jamie’s new book by visiting salad.infusionsoft.com You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • rpgreseller

    19 enero, 2013

    That’s brilliant. If life had funny music or different structure, we would certainly respond differently. This suggests something very VERY powerful, that isn’t yet popular in psychotherapy or psychology… asking patients to modify their structure, how they see the world. If they can see it as a cartoon, or whatever they need, then their behavior changes with it. Of course, that’s good for the rest of us too on a self help level. Thank you, Jamie.

  • amjPeace

    19 enero, 2013

    It is very fitting that the word lumiere means light.