Entrepreneur Coaching with Dan Sullivan at the Genius Network Mastermind Event

Entrepreneur Coaching http://www.geniusnetworkmastermind.com If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for entrepreneur coaching to help you take y…


  • Steve L. Sleeper

    6 mayo, 2013

    Good stuff from Dan Sullivan

  • Eric Mowrey

    6 mayo, 2013

    Four Freedoms from Dan Sullivan- Love it!

  • Tamara Patzer

    6 mayo, 2013

    I liked the idea of Freedom to:….Freedom from…is limiting, but the Freedom to is to help you become committed and future based. Thanks for sharing these golden nuggets about how to think about FREEDOM in our lives. Freedom of time, Freedom of money…

  • RayTheVideoGuy

    6 mayo, 2013

    Great stuff. Dan is great

  • Brian Edmondson

    6 mayo, 2013

    Very interesting info. Looking forward to seeing more videos with Dan!