OKA Intro to Sensing-iNtuition by Hile Rutledge

OKA Intro to Sensing-iNtuition by Hile Rutledge

OKA’s Hile Rutledge introduces the Sensing-iNtuition dichotomy from the Myers-Briggs® model in his usual clear, compelling, informative way. Visit us at oka-online.com for more information.
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  • MysticSonic007

    31 enero, 2013


    Judging/perceiving and sensing/intuition is a perfect example of flexibility and limitations

    Js cannot be flexible enough to see that there is more than one way to skin a cat & reach a goal, and sensors can’t «see» that 6th sense (instinct) and thus reason it cannot exist.

    because of this, perceivers/intuitors will always have the advantage (whether or not we actually act on our thoughts or not) simply for knowing it’s there and being flexible enough to accept it

  • utimatestrength

    31 enero, 2013

    wow great video

  • anvilorhammer

    31 enero, 2013

    I’m looking for your push up DVD on your website but I don’t see it. What’s the link?