Positive Engagement At Work

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Are you unhappy at work? Is it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning? This is a conversation around the three levels of engagement in our workforce today. Check it out. Don’t forget to drop a comment, and subscribe. Future videos are on the way.
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  • Amber Hurdle

    9 febrero, 2013

    The power of a highly engaged workforce creates not only a fantastic customer experience, but a wonderful daily environment where people spend the majority of their time! Certainly the law of attraction applies here and greatness is «catching.»

  • Jeremy Scrivens

    9 febrero, 2013

    Thanks for the post. The No 1 reason why people stay with a company is becausee they have a great manager who treats them as individuals i.e. recognises their natural talents and helps them be more of who they are. Also cares for them as a person. My generation – the baby boomers – put up with poor managers but younger workers today are not prepared too. This is becoming a critical issue and it is a world wide trend. Fortunately, we know how to engage people now!

  • Thomas Scrivens

    9 febrero, 2013

    Great video! Very true, alot of people arent really engaged at work these day,, I think alot of it has to do with their managers, a great Tv show on Discovery Turbo, American Hot Rod, a place where they build american muscle cars, the tv show focuses on the strengths and of everyone in the warehouse and the relationships between eachother and their managers, how often they say »I wanna get out of here», and deep down it’s their relationship with their boss that prevents them from being happy