You’re Unique … So is Our Team – Insights asks … Are We Right For You? Our team is a quilt of experiences. We have pioneers in the field of virtual conferencing, psychologists and writers extraordinaire. Most have professional performing backgrounds. Wacky senses of humor? Definitely. Just visit us at http and click the pictures of our team and get to know us better now! – – – «Brad and his team are magicians! Our most complicated material got forged into short powerful presentations that moved people to action. They taught us how to cut our preparation time from days to literally minutes. My people call it being ‘Boyerized’.» David Whitlock CEO Leigh Stowell & Co.
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  • putinrap

    17 enero, 2013

    haha ive done that xD

  • Layla001z

    17 enero, 2013

    did you win?

  • mauritsfalkena

    17 enero, 2013

    its worth trying, hope ur right

  • Stedel

    17 enero, 2013

    Perfect timing. I’m playing the powerball and I feel good

  • verdeneon

    17 enero, 2013

    Thanks, Stephen! Good stuff… please continue doing these videos 😉

  • Moochie589

    17 enero, 2013

    thanks for sharing!